Monday, July 15, 2019


Picnic Playbill - Opening Night

Director Jack Randall Earles will have two sessions of auditions for roles in the final production of the Putnam County Playhouse season, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Picnic. The first session will be Sunday, June 21, at 3 p.m.  The second session will be Monday, July 22, at 7 p.m. Both will be held in the Rehearsal Center of the Hazel Day Longden Theatre in Greencastle.

Attendance at both sessions is not required.
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The show will be produced September 12-14 and September 18-21.  It is being sponsored by:

 Boatright Dental Group in Greencastle.

Picnic was last produced at PCPH in 1998.

Picnic, 1988. L-R: Brian Williams,Evelyn Robbins,Beth Lasley,Carroll Burdsall, Adeline Knoy

Those who audition will be asked to read from the script. Roles available include Hal, a drifter who comes into a small town (stage age early 20’s); Madge, a town girl who is looking for a different life (stage age early 20’s); Millie, Madge’s younger sister (stage age 13-15); Flo, their mother (stage age 40’s).

Other townspeople to be cast include a neighbor, Mrs. Potts (stage age 40’s-50’s); Rosemary, teacher at the local high school (stage age 40’s-50’s); Irma and Christine, two teacher friends of Rosemary (stage age (30’s-40’s); Alan, Madge’s boyfriend (stage age early 20’s); Howard, Rosemary’s boyfriend (stage age 40’s-50’s); and Bomber, the newspaper delivery boy (stage age mid-teens).

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To read more about the play and the characters click HERE.

To download an audition form and read Audition Sides
click HERE.

Monday, July 8, 2019


The 2019 season of shows at Putnam County Playhouse continues with a July production of the comedy Send Me No Flowers. It will be presented July 11-13 and July 17-20. All performances begin at 8 p.m. at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre in Greencastle. Tickets are $10 each and can be reserved by calling the box office from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Saturday at 765-653-5880.

The production is sponsored by Shuee’s Great Buys Plus.

To read more about our sponsor click HERE.

Send Me No Flowers is directed by TJ Tincher. Board liaison is Sandi Rossok. The comedy by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore was last produced at PCPH in 1973.

Our 1973 production starring Nancy McFarland & James Elrod

The play was on Broadway briefly in 1962 and was the basis of a popular film comedy starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson in 1964.

Director TJ Tincher
TJ directed last season's hit mystery The Mousetrap.  He was last seen onstage at PCPH in the title role of The Foreigner in 2017. TJ has appeared in roles in many shows including Pippin, On Borrowed Time, and Laughing Stock.

L-R: Scott Armitage, Bryan Schroecher, Samantha Flannelly

Scott Armitage has the leading role of George Kimball, a hypochondriac who spends most of his time thinking he is sick.  His long-suffering wife, Judy, is played by Samantha Flannelly.
When George overhears Dr. Morrissey (Cameron Wunderlich) discussing another case, he immediately concludes that he himself has only a few weeks left to live.  

Scott has appeared in many roles at PCPH.  Among his favorites are Charles Thompson in 1776, Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls, and Walter Hollander in Don't Drink the Water.

Samantha appeared at PCPH most recently in The Foreigner and also played the leading role of Jo in the musical Little Women.

L-R: Cameron Wunderlich & Scott Armitage

Cameron played the leading role last season in The Mousetrap and won the Upstage Award for his performance as Ellard in The Foreigner in 2017.

L-R: Michaela Semak, Scott Armitage, Sam Draper

His next door neighbor, Arnold Nash (Sam Draper), is pressed into service to help him keep his “condition” a secret.  George’s plans include setting up Judy with a new husband, an old college acquaintance, Bert Power (Bryan Schroeder) and keeping her out of the arms of a local young cad Vito (Noah D. Pettit). Pettit is also the production stage manager.

Sam is making his PCPH debut in this production.  Bryan has appeared in many shows including South Pacific and Death By Chocolate. He also directed the musical Bye Bye, Birdie here in 2014.  Bryan is also the technical director for the production and designed the lighting and sound. Noah appeared in She Loves Me last month as the clumsy busboy.

L-R: Scott Armitage, Samantha Flannelly, Bryan Schroeder

George also tries to set up his final arrangements with the help of a friendly burial plot salesman, Mr. Akins (Jack Randall Earles).  There are fantasy sequences in which the participants try to imagine their future circumstances. 

Jack Randall is a long time board member at PCPH.  He appeared last season in Annie and The Mousetrap. He is also the director for the September season closer, Picnic.

L-R: Jack Randall Earles & Eleanor Howard

Those playing roles in the dream moments are Eleanor Howard, Michaela Semak, and Dimitri Flott. 

L-R: Noah D. Pettit & Dimitri Flott

Dimitri is making a PCPH debut. Michaela has appeared in many shows here including Little Women and Annie. Eleanor made her PCPH debut in 2011 in The Music Man and has appeared in such shows as Guys & Dolls, Angel Street, and Curtains.

Set design is by Linda Gjesvold with costumes by Sarah Armitage Bond. Working on the stage crew is Grant Pettit. Darvëll Barger is running the sound board and Christopher Douglas is running the light board.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

CTW Participants: ATTENTION!!!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

SHAKESPEARED! on Saturday!

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The 2019 SHAKESPEARED! workshop will present two versions of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or What You Will on Saturday, June 22, at 7 p.m. at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre. 

Tickets are $3 for those 12 years of age and up and admission is free for those under 12 years of age.

It is being sponsored by:

To read more about our sponsor click HERE.

The middle school group will present a traditional version of the play.  It is being directed by Tim Good with assistance from Eleanor Howard.

Appearing in leading roles in this version are Stevie Kennen, Olivia Stierwalt, Evie Green, Treyton Burgess, Marah Loughmiller, and Maura Lazar.

Also appearing are Elise Kendall, Elianna Boyd, Gunnar Roach, Abbi Bonomo, Noah Barnes, Catherine Ryan-Shager, Penny Cummings, Clare Langdoc, Charlie Martoglio, and Ezekiel Bergen.

Other roles will feature Katie Funk, Bradlee Napier, Aidrik Loughmiller, Henry Cox, Bryson Worman, Brakston Taylor, Eve Loughmiller, and Molly Boswell.

The high school group will present a Caribbean inspired version directed by Caroline Good & Bethany Bax.

Leading roles in this version will be played by Dale Dye Thomas, Ella Dye Thomas, Ellie Henry, Devin Huff, Craig Robinson, Kiara Boyd and Bella Green.

Others appearing are Ava Maginity, Alice Howard, Jessica Geiger, Rebecca Hebb, Mya Weddle, and Brenigan Warren.

Also included are Courtney Huff, Samantha Funk, Madison Bayles, Logan Warren and Zaq Good.

Costumes are by Caroline Good and Christopher Douglas, who will also run the sound board.  Light operator is Fiona Good.