Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Dale Grove as Marryin' Sam

Al Capp's famous characters will come to life onstage in the Clay County Community Theatre's production of the rollicking musical Li'L Abner. Many of the performers and staff are PCPH regulars.  The show will be produced March 8, 9, and 10. Tickets must be reserved by March 4.  Ticket information can be found HERE.

The doors open at 5:45 each night.  Dinner is served at 6:30 and curtain time is 7 p.m.

McFadden,  Ranck, and McFadden

Among those from PCPH in the show are Ric McFadden as Senator Jack S. Phogbound, Andrew Ranck as General Bullmoose, Shelly McFadden as Appassionata (Shelly is also co-directing with Lee Reberger), Scott Armitage as Pappy, Sarah Bond as Stupifyin' Jones (Sarah is also the choreographer), and Dale Grove as Marryin' Sam, a role he played in the PCPH production of Li'L Abner back in 1991.

Ellen McCullough as Mammy Yokum and Bain as Abner.
The title role is being played by Josh Bain.

The lively score includes "Namely You", "If I Had My Druthers", "I'm Past My Prime", and "Put 'Em Back!".

Monday, February 5, 2018


On Tuesday morning, January 23, at 2:04 a.m. a Putnam County driver got the surprise of his life.  On a clandestine trip back to the property for reasons of his own, he encountered our locked gate. Perhaps he didn't realize that season tickets are not on sale yet - or he wanted to check on the condition of the lawn - or..........???

The damage pictured above seems to show that he was traveling at a fairly good speed in his mid-size pick-up truck. 

The gate itself was pulled off its hinges on the post on the left.

The post on the right was nearly pulled out of the ground, and the two rails were broken.  Soon after encountering the gate, the driver changed his mind about whatever he was trespassing on our property to do, turned around and fled.

He obviously disregarded this sign:

The carnage was discovered later that same morning by Board Member Shelly McFadden.  Board Member and Second Vice-President of the Board Dustin Bond scanned the digital evidence collected by the CCTV system that has been installed to protect PCPH from just such crimes.

The cost for fixing the damage was $335.  The video evidence was turned over to the local police department. 

A check for this amount, or an "anonymous" donation for the repair from someone with a lot of hood damage would be appreciated.

And just a reminder - this is private property. When there is NO official Putnam County Playhouse activity going on, no one is allowed on the premises.  No dog walking, no jogging, no looking for Pokemon Go creatures, and no hand holding should be going on.  

If we're here - you are welcome.  If we're not - well....SMILE! We have you on camera!