Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The last 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors of Putnam County Playhouse was held on December 10th. The five o'clock event took place at the home of Michael and Brenda McClaine in Greencastle.

Hot dishes and desserts were brought by fellow board members and enjoyed by all.

Dustin Bond (in blue) and Ric McFadden

Dustin Bond, chairperson of the Tech/Shop Committee and Ric McFadden director of last season's musicals Curtains and The Addams Family were among those present. Ric also serves on the Maintenance and House Committees. Dustin also serves on the Maintenance and Promotions/Web Page Committees. He is also 2nd Vice President of the Board.

L-R: Sandi Rossok, Kathryn Dory

Sandi Rossok, chairperson of the Props Loft Committee, and Kahtryn Dory, chairperson of the House Committee and Board Secretary, made themselves comfortable before the meeting began.
Sandi is also a member of the Promotions/Web Page and House Committees.  Kathryn also serves on the Tickets Committee.

Jim Green

Jim Green, director of last season's comedy hit The Foreigner, decided to take a chair close to the warmth of the fireplace. Jim serves on the Finance/Fund Raising, Maintenance, and House Committees.

L-R - Linda Gjesvold, Jim Rambo

Early arrivals included Linda Gjesvold, Chairperson of the Ticket Committee, and Jim Rambo who serves on the House Committee and is in charge of the PCPH Recycling Program. Linda is 1st Vice President of the Board and also serves on the Tech/Shop and Props Loft Committees.

L-R: Meghan Armitage, Shelly McFadden, Abigail Armitage
Checking out the decorated tree were Meghan Armitage (and daughter Abigail) and Shelly McFadden.  Meghan is a member of the Program, Tech, Tickets, and House committees.  Shelly is the Chairperson of the Program Committee and the Costume Loft, and she also serves on the House and Fund Raising Committees.

L-R: Bethany Bax, Jack Randall Earles
Also sitting by the fire were Bethany Bax and Jack Randall Earles. Bethany serves on the Program, Youth Workshop, and House Committees. Jack is the Chairperson of the Promotions/Web Page Committee and also serves on the Program and House Committees. He also serves as the Recording Secretary of the Board.

L-R: Michael McClaine, Caroline Good, Mark Hammer, Brad Sandy
The final quartet in attendance included Michael McClaine, President of the PCPH board and the host of the evening; Caroline Good, Chairperson of the Youth Workshop Committee, who also serves on the Costume Loft, Program, and House committees; Mark Hammer, PCPH treasurer who also serves on the Finance/Fundraising and Capital Projects Committees; and Brad Sandy, who serves on the Maintenance, Program, and House Committees. 

Business discussed included the report on the progress of the 2018 Fund Drive, Projects for the coming year, and approval of the 2018 Budget. Directors for the 2018 Season of Hits were discussed and will be announced in January!

Drew Brattain, Chairperson of the Finance/Fund Raising Committee and member of the House and Program Committees was unable to attend.

Thanks to all for their support - and Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Just a Reminder......

Just a reminder for our donors: Putnam County Playhouse, Inc., is an Indiana 501 (c) (3) corporation.  Donations to our annual Fund Drive are tax deductible.

If you haven't received your 2018 Fund Drive Letter yet, you can download a Form HERE.

Details about our 2018 shows will be posted soon!