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Workshop Information - 
Registration for both groups is now closed.

Middle School Group 

Our annual two-week-long "Shakespeared!" Workshop this year centers around Romeo & Juliet, with the middle school group performing a more traditional version with fun Renaissance costumes. Eleanor Howard will be directing, assisted by Beth Bax and Alex Gandy, our DePauw University intern.

The middle school group meets in the afternoons Monday-Friday 12:30-2:30pm June 18-29, with a combined performance Saturday, June 30th at 7:00pm, when each group presents their version of Romeo & Juliet.

To read or download the script, click HERE.

We will read through the play as a group on day one, and the players will have a chance to note their role preferences. The roles will be cast that evening, and rehearsals begin on day two!

THERE ARE PARTS FOR EVERYONE! "Shakespeared!" is tailored to provide young players with an opportunity to engage with Shakespeare's text in a fun way and to see the potential interpretations that lie within the text.

More detailed information regarding costumes and our culminating performance to come!