Monday, December 10, 2012

PCPH Receives Grant from Putnam County Foundation!

President Michael McClaine is joined by PCPH
 Fundraising Committee Chairperson Drew Brattain

On Friday, December 7, PCPH President Michael McClaine and Finance and Fund Raising Committee Chairperson Drew Brattain attended a breakfast meeting held by the Putnam County Foundation. The event was to recognize those organizations that had been given grants by the PCF.  Putnam County Playhouse was given a $4000 grant to help defray the cost of a new sound/mixing board.

L-R: Brattain - Marilynn Sturgeon, PCF Grant Committee -
 Beth Flint, Old National Bank,  PCF Grant Committee.

President McClaine spoke to the group and said:

"This grant will greatly assist the Playhouse offset the cost of replacing the main sound board – the heart of our sound system.  The sound board controls the main speakers, cast microphones (we have a dozen wireless mics), the orchestra loft instruments for musicals, special sound effects, back stage monitors and our intercom system.  The existing sound board is at least 15 years old [the author remembers it being there as early as 1991], although no one is really sure of its age, as it was donated to the Playhouse.  Several channels no longer work, or they produce unwanted ‘noise’ due to age and use, and there is only one output channel that works.  When it goes, there will be no sound....

 "Last summer, I had the opportunity to run the sound board for See How 
They Run, the last show of our 2012 season.  I got first-hand experience with the board, and found that it is indeed worn out and a new one is desperately needed.

"In conclusion, we are extremely grateful to be a recipient of a Foundation grant and we pledge to put it good use as we continue our mission of providing a live community theatre experience...."