Wednesday, November 6, 2019


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For the next couple of weekends, you can go back to high school and be entertained.  Two county high schools are presenting their fall productions!

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First up is North Putnam's production of the Woody Allen comedy Don't Drink the Water.  It will be presented Friday, November 8, and Saturday, November 9. Curtain time both nights is 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students.  They are available at the door.

Next up is the Greencastle High School production of The Addams Family, The Musical.  It will be onstage November 21, 22, & 23, in the Parker Auditorium.  Curtain time each night is 7:30 p.m. and all tickets are $8.  You can get tickets at the door.

Enjoy a show, support your local high schools, and keep the arts flame burning!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Putnam County Playhouse, members and guests convened to hear of the activities of the 58th season.

President Michael McClaine presided over the festivities.

Board members in attendance included Sandi Rossok, Ric McFadden (Hammy Award Nominee for SHREK!), Shelly McFadden, Brad Sandy (Hammy Award Nominee for Picnic), Linda Gjesvold, Beth Bax, Kathryn Dory, Anna Harris, Jack Randall Earles (Hammy Award Nominee for Send Me No Flowers), Peggy McClaine, Meghan Armitage, and Dustin Bond.

Guests included Fred and Jean Burger, Conner George, Lita Sandy & Jocelyn Gardner, Matt Schneider (Hammy Award Nominee for She Loves Me) with wife Robin and daughter Lora, and Jude M. Armitage attending his first board meeting.

Cookies were eaten.

After the presentation of the committee reports - some out of order - the Hammy Award was presented to:

Matt Schneider for his roles in She Loves Me!

Three other gentlemen in attendance reacted as it would be expected and retired to the bar at Almost Home for solace.

L-R: Jack Randall Earles, Brad Sandy, Ric McFadden

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Trophy Clipart emmy award

While those other awards  - the Tony Awards, the Oscars, the Emmy Awards - may get slightly more publicity, the PCPH Upstage Award (aka The Hammy) is just as coveted and hotly contested.  

Each season brings with it a number of performances that are worthy of nomination.  The committee is hard-pressed to choose only four nominees.

The winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors on October 13, 2019.  The event will begin at 2 p.m.  Light refreshments will be served.  Those who participated during the season by donating funds OR participating in our productions are cordially invited to attend.

The committee chairpersons will give their annual reports.  The Executive Committee will be on hand to report on the activities of the organization.  Nominations and election of board members will also take place.

Please join us for the festivities.

And now the nominees for the 2019 Upstage Award:

For She Loves Me:

Matt Schneider - Customer/Couple/Caroler

For Send Me No Flowers:

Jack Randall Earles - Mr. Akins, Eternal Gardens


Ric McFadden - The Bishop

For Picnic:

Brad Sandy - Howard Bevins

Please join us for a last get together and cheer on your favorite.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Closing The Barn Marks 2019 Season End!

Members of the Board of Directors convened at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre on Saturday, September 28, to put the barn to bed. The annual workday is always on the calendar following the final performance of the September Main Stage offering.

Caroline Good and Brad Sandy - who were both featured in the season closing production of Picnic, worked together to stack and cover the chairs in the auditorium.

Working upstairs to clean and purge the props loft were Peggy McClaine, Anna Harris, Sandi Rossok, and Linda Gjesvold. We now have aisles to walk down in the loft and can reach just about everything we have!

The small barn was also cleaned made ready for another season!

Helping with all the work were Michael McClaine, Dustin Bond, Shelly McFadden, and Beth Bax.

The final job of the day was the stuffing of envelopes with invitations for the Annual Meeting to be held on October 13. Meghan Armitage with help from Craig, Abigail, and Jude Armitage took on this task.

Watch your mailbox for you invitation!  Find out who has been nominated for the Upstage Award this season!

And thanks to everyone for helping us make the 2019 such fun.

During the off season the gate to the property is secured.  All electronic equipment is locked up or stored off site. There is also 24/7 video surveillance activated.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019




SEE YOU IN 2020!



2 P.M.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


'Picnic' Cast & Staff.  Photo by Linda Gjesvold.



Sarah Armitage & Brad Sandy.  Photo by Linda Gjesvold.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Sarah Armitage as Madge.*

Putnam County Playhouse ends its 58th season with a production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Picnic by William Inge. It will be presented September 12-14 and September 18-21. All performances are at 8 p.m. All tickets are $10 and can be reserved by calling the box office at 765-653-5880 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The play is sponsored by:

The Boatright Dental Group – 
Dr. Gina Boatright.

Jack Randall Earles & Sandi Rossok. *

Picnic is directed by Jack Randall Earles. Assistant director is Sandi Rossok and production stage manager is Brandon Wunderlich. This team was responsible for last season’s hit comedy Barefoot In The Park.

Jack Randall appeared earlier this season in Send Me No Flowers. Sandi has appeared onstage in Laughing Stock, Man of La Mancha, The Curious Savage, and On Borrowed Time. Brandon was also on the stage crew for She Loves Me in June.

Sarah Armitage as Madge & Dylan Arnold as Hal. **

When Hal Carter (Dylan Arnold) comes back to the small Kansas town he grew up in, he changes the lives of everyone around him. This includes Madge (Sarah Armitage), a local girl; her sister Millie (Hadley McCoy); their mother Flo (Caroline Good); and their neighbor Helen Potts (Tammy Hunter).

Caroline Good as Flo. *
Dylan is making his PCPH Mainstage debut in this role. Sarah appeared last season in Barefoot In The Park and has also appeared in Guys & Dolls and Don’t Drink the Water among other productions at PCPH.  Hadley McCoy most recently appeared in Shrek! as Teen Fiona. 

Tammy Hunter as Mrs. Potts. **

Caroline directed Annie last season and has appeared in leading roles in Blithe Spirit, Angel Street, and The Sound of Music at PCPH. Tammy most recently played Mrs. Banks in last season’s Barefoot in the Park.

Craig Robinson as Bomber & Hadley McCoy as Millie. **
Local schoolteacher, Rosemary (Shelly McFadden) takes the lead with her reluctant beau, Howard (Brad Sandy), and helps him decide what her future will be. Shelly directed She Loves Me to open the season and appeared in Shrek!  Brad appeared last season in Beauty & The Beast and has directed many shows at PCPH including Arsenic & Old Lace.

Hadley McCoy (Millie), Shelly McFadden (Rosemary), Dylan Arnold (Hal), Brad Sandy (Howard).*

Other townspeople include Hal’s former college roommate Alan (Dustin Boothby); two other schoolteachers Irma (Kathy Arnold) and Christine (Brittany Magee); and the local newspaper boy, Bomber (Craig Robinson).  Kathy and Dustin were both featured in last season’s mystery The Mousetrap. Craig and Brittany are making their PCPH mainstage debuts.

Caroline Good (Flo), Shelly McFadden (Rosemary), Kathy Arnold (Irma), Brittany Magee (Christine),
Dylan Arnold (Hal). *
Lighting design is by Dustin Bond. Sound design is by Bond and Craig Armitage. Set design and painting is by Linda Gjesvold. Running the light board is Lisa McCoy. The sound board is run by Noah D. Pettit. Costumes are by McFadden and Good.

Dustin Boothyby (Alan), Brad Sandy (Howard). **

Picnic was last produced by PCPH in 1988 and was most recently revived on Broadway in 2013.

*Photos by Jay Prewitt. **Photos by Linda Gjesvold

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"PICNIC" In Rehearsal


The final production of our season will be the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Picnic.

Rehearsals are underway! Please join us as we end our season.

L-R: Caroline Good as Flo & Sarah Armitage as Madge

Our cast features Sarah Armitage, Caroline Good, Shelly McFadden, Brad Sandy, and Tammy Hunter.

Dylan Arnold
Others you'll see include Dylan Arnold, Dustin Boothby, Hadley McCoy, Kathy Arnold, Brittany Magee, and Craig Robinson.

The show is sponsored by:

The Boatright Dental Group
Dr. Gina Boatright

L-R: Dylan Arnold, Caroline Good

Monday, August 26, 2019

Silver Lining Players Tuesday Event!

Play Reading pic

The Silver Lining Players will present "The Jealous Old Man," a one-act comedy by Miguel de Cervantes.

It will be staged as a readers' theater production at the Putnam County Library on Tuesday, August 27, 11:30 am-12:30 pm, downstairs in the Kiwanis Room.

PCPH Board Member Jim Rambo is directing the play and playing Hortigosa.

Other cast members are Chris Wurster, Martha Wharton, Karen Sutherlin, Bill Wieland, Bob Jefferson -- and a special non-speaking appearance by Ann Rambo.

The event is free and open to the public.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Image result for family word drawing

If you are fortunate enough to have tickets to SHREK! THE MUSICAL (the remaining performances are sold out) - you'll get to see several families represented onstage.  Participating in Putnam County Playhouse can be a family activity!

The Henrys: L-R: Sadie, Mollie, Ellie, Mikey
First up we have the Henry Family. Sadie plays the Ugly Ducking, Mollie is on the run crew, Ellie plays one of the Three Blind Mice and is a dancer in the show, and Mikey plays Grumpy the Dwarf. Sadie and Ellie and Mollie worked on Annie last season.

The McCulloughs: L-R: Aengus, Clarissa, Ellen, Ellissa, Gwenhwyfar

The McCullough family is represented by Ellissa who plays the leading role of Fiona, Clarissa who plays Ogre Fiona, Aengus who plays Pinocchio, Ellen who plays the Witch, and Gwenhwyfar who plays Peter Pan. The McCulloughs are active at Community Theatre of Clay County. Four of them worked at PCPH on Beauty & The Beast last season. Genhwyfar is making her PCPH debut.

Adams-Copeland: L-R: Nate Copeland, Adrianna Adams
Siblings Adrianna Adams who plays the Sugar Plum Fairy and Nate Copeland who plays Humpty Dumpty are also featured. They are making their PCPH debuts.

The Lafevers: Jason & Hannah 
Husband and wife acting team Hannah & Jason Lafever play multiple roles including Big Bad Wolf (Jason) and Queen Lillian (Hannah). Both were featured in this season's She Loves Me.

The McCoys: L-R: Lisa, Sammie, Hadley

The McCoy family is well represented by mother Lisa (Dragon) and daughters Hadley (Teen Fiona), and Sammie (one of the Three Blind Mice). Lisa appeared earlier this season in She Loves Me. Sammie is making her debut and Hadley will be seen in Picnic in September.

The Drapers: L-R Jessie, Joey, Sam
The Draper family work onstage and off. Mom Jessie is Mama Bear, son Joey is young Shrek, and Dad Sam is running the spotlight.  Jessie & Joey are making their debuts. Sam was in Send Me No Flowers in July.

The McFaddens: L-R Shelly, Ally Taylor, Ric
The McFadden family are working together in SHREK!  Shelly is Mama Ogre and Ric is Papa Ogre. Granddaughter Ally Taylor plays one of the Duloc Dancers. Shelly directed She Loves Me in June. Ric played one of the title roles in Beauty & the Beast.  Ally is making her onstage debut.

Jocelyn Gardner

Chloe Gardner

Sisters Jocelyn  (Baby Bear) and Chloe (Duloc dancer/co-choreographer) are also featured. Jocelyn played Chip last season in Beauty & The Beast and both sisters were featured in Annie.

Spending time with family and making new friends is one of the BEST benefits of working with us at the Putnam County Playhouse.  

Thanks to all of our cast members for their hours of hard work. And thanks to the staff and crew of SHREK! THE MUSICAL for making the show possible.

And we especially thank our great audiences!  We applaud you all.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


L-R: Levi Hoffman as Shrek & Dustin Bond as Donkey

The show is being sponsored by Hopkins-Rector and Bittles & Hurt Funeral Homes.

To read more about our sponsor click HERE.


To read more about our sponsor click HERE

Director for the Tony-Award-winning show is Lee Reberger. He directed Beauty & The Beast last season at PCPH and is active at Community Theatre of Clay County.

Musical director is Kathi Elliott and pit conductor and rehearsal pianist is Marilyn Rush. Joining them in the pit are Kathryn Dory on clarinet and Mike McClaine on percussion. Choreography is by Reberger, Clarissa & Ellissa McCullough, and Chloe Gardner.

L-R: Ellissa McCullough (Fiona), Dustin Bond (Donkey) and Levi Hoffman (Shrek).

Levi Hoffman is making his PCPH debut in the title role of Shrek, the green forest monster looking for a purpose in life. Levi is a graduate of DePauw University.

Making the trek with him is his friend Donkey, played by Dustin Bond. Striking our leading man’s fancy is the lovely Fiona, played by Ellissa McCullough. Unfortunately the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad played by Cameron Callan also has designs on the young lady.  

Dustin is a vice-president of the PCPH board and was seen in She Loves Me earlier this season.  Ellissa was seen last season in Beauty & The Beast. She is a vocal performance major at ISU. Cameron appeared as LaFou in Beauty & The Beast last season. He is a music teacher at White Lick Elementary School.

L-R: Cameron Wunderlich, Ellissa McCullough, Cameron Callan, Noah D. Pettit

Shrek’s hapless parents are played by Shelly McFadden and Ric McFadden. Joey Draper and Kendall Shipp are the young versions of Shrek and Fiona and Ogre Fiona is Clarissa McCullough. Teen Fiona is Hadley McCoy.

Featured fairy tale characters include Pinocchio (Aengus McCullough), the White Rabbit (Logan Dotson), Peter Pan (Gwenhwyfar McCullough), Ugly Duckling (Sadie Henry), Sugar Plum Fairy (Adrianna Adams), the Bear Family (Addison Hughes, Jessie Draper, Jocelyn Gardner) and The Fairy Godmother (Arianna Pershing).  

Also appearing are the 3 Little Pigs (Anna Cox, Samantha Funk, and Kindall Turner) and the Three Blind Mice (Sammie McCoy, Ally Taylor, and Ellie Henry), and the Witch (Ellen McCullough).

L-R: Levi Hoffman (Shrek) Ellissa McCullough (Fiona) Ric McFadden , Cameron Wunderlich, Cameron Callan (Farquaad), Devin Huff.
Dwelling in the forest we also find Gingy (Hannah Newlin), Thelonius (Jason Lafever), the Pied Piper (Hannah Lafever), the Dragon (Lisa McCoy) and Grumpy, a Dwarf (Mikey Henry).

Featured are Devin Huff and Chloe Gardner. Many cast members play and sing multiple roles.

Set design is by Linda Gjesvold. Lighting design is by Bond and sound design by Bond and Craig Armitage.

L-R: Levi Hoffman (Shrek) & Dustin Bond (Donkey.
Cameron Wunderlich is production stage manager and Noah Pettit is assistant stage manager. Mollie Henry is on the run crew.  Grace Elmore is running the sound board and Kamryn Thornburg is running the light board.  Anna Harris is props master and Sam Draper is the spotlight operator.