Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Closing The Barn Marks 2019 Season End!

Members of the Board of Directors convened at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre on Saturday, September 28, to put the barn to bed. The annual workday is always on the calendar following the final performance of the September Main Stage offering.

Caroline Good and Brad Sandy - who were both featured in the season closing production of Picnic, worked together to stack and cover the chairs in the auditorium.

Working upstairs to clean and purge the props loft were Peggy McClaine, Anna Harris, Sandi Rossok, and Linda Gjesvold. We now have aisles to walk down in the loft and can reach just about everything we have!

The small barn was also cleaned made ready for another season!

Helping with all the work were Michael McClaine, Dustin Bond, Shelly McFadden, and Beth Bax.

The final job of the day was the stuffing of envelopes with invitations for the Annual Meeting to be held on October 13. Meghan Armitage with help from Craig, Abigail, and Jude Armitage took on this task.

Watch your mailbox for you invitation!  Find out who has been nominated for the Upstage Award this season!

And thanks to everyone for helping us make the 2019 such fun.

During the off season the gate to the property is secured.  All electronic equipment is locked up or stored off site. There is also 24/7 video surveillance activated.

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