Tuesday, October 15, 2019


At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Putnam County Playhouse, members and guests convened to hear of the activities of the 58th season.

President Michael McClaine presided over the festivities.

Board members in attendance included Sandi Rossok, Ric McFadden (Hammy Award Nominee for SHREK!), Shelly McFadden, Brad Sandy (Hammy Award Nominee for Picnic), Linda Gjesvold, Beth Bax, Kathryn Dory, Anna Harris, Jack Randall Earles (Hammy Award Nominee for Send Me No Flowers), Peggy McClaine, Meghan Armitage, and Dustin Bond.

Guests included Fred and Jean Burger, Conner George, Lita Sandy & Jocelyn Gardner, Matt Schneider (Hammy Award Nominee for She Loves Me) with wife Robin and daughter Lora, and Jude M. Armitage attending his first board meeting.

Cookies were eaten.

After the presentation of the committee reports - some out of order - the Hammy Award was presented to:

Matt Schneider for his roles in She Loves Me!

Three other gentlemen in attendance reacted as it would be expected and retired to the bar at Almost Home for solace.

L-R: Jack Randall Earles, Brad Sandy, Ric McFadden

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