Friday, April 8, 2016


Director Tim Good has chosen his cast for Little Women the first show of the new PCPH season.  Working with him are Vocal/Music Director Erik Foster and assistant directors Caroline Good and Jim Green.  The show will be produced June 2-4 and June 8-11.

Season ticket brochures will be in the mail in the next week.  Individual tickets for the show will go on sale on Sunday, May 29, at the annual PCPH Open House.

Playing the familiar roles of the Louisa May Alcott characters are Debby Lambert as Marmee, matriarch of the March family; Meghan Armitage as daughter Meg, the musical sister; Samantha Flannelly as Jo, the writer; Michaela Semak as Beth, the family peacemaker; and Samantha Shelton and Sarah Arnold who share the role of Amy as child and young lady.

Others in the cast include Alan Skillern as Laurie, who courts one sister, and marries another; Angel Callan as Aunt March, who holds the purse strings; Dustin Bond as Professor Bhaer, Jo's mentor; David Maginity as John Brooke, Laurie's tutor; and Jack Randall Earles as Mr. Laurence, a neighbor.  

The ensemble will be Haleigh Rowls, Arianna Pershing, Gwen Mazur, Rachel Lubinski, Lindsey Bridgewater, Anna Harris, and JenJe Stouder.

Playing piano for the production is Morgan Asher.  Keyboard player is Amy Tharp.  Costumer is Eleanor Howard.

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