Monday, October 24, 2016


Dustin Bond with Upstage Award 2016

Dustin Bond - with Upstage Award nominations for his performances in both On Golden Pond and The Odd Couple (Female Version) was the winner of the "Hammy" at the PCPH Annual Meeting held on Sunday, October 23.

Lynette & Ken Gwinn and Michael McClaine

The meeting was well attended.  In addition to Board Members, long time PCPH supporters Ken and Lynette Gwinn were there. They spent some time talking with PCPH President Michael McClaine about plans for 2017.

David Buttram

Others in attendance included actress Tammy Hunter, singer-actor David Buttram, and DePauw's M. Susan Anthony and G. Duane Skoog.

Linda Gjesvold, Katie Wallace, Linda Ford

Also present to hear Committee Chairs give their annual reports were theatre maven and Playhouse supporter Linda Ford, and from The Odd Couple (The Female Version) actresses Katie Wallace and Karen Bailey Sutherlin, and director Andrew Ranck.

Andrew Ranck, Shelly McFadden, Linda Ford, Karen Bailey Sutherlin, Conner George

Committee Chairs who gave reports included Mark Hammer, Treasurer's Report; Linda Gjesvold, Tickets; Dustin Bond, Tech; Jack Randall Earles, Promotions; Shelly McFadden, Program & Costume Loft; Sandi Rossok, Props Loft; Michael McClaine, Maintenance; Drew Brattain, Fund Raising; and Caroline Good, Youth Workshop.

Katie Wallace, Beth Bax, Sandi Rossok

Other Board Members in attendance included Meghan Armitage, Ric McFadden, Beth Bax, Jim Rambo, and Jim Green.

Eleanor and Brian Howard

Upstage Award Nominee Eleanor Howard was there with her husband Brian who made his PCPH stage debut last August in 1776. Eleanor was nominated for her work in the musical Little Women.

Beth Bax and Sandi Rossok

Board members Beth Bax and Sandi Rossok discuss the reports and the past season.

Ric McFadden and Dustin Bond

Board members Ric McFadden and Dustin Bond talk about baseball!

Eleanor Howard and Caroline Good

Eleanor and Caroline discuss plans for the 2017 Children's Theatre Workshop and YTW.

Mark Hammer and Drew Brattain
Mark Hammer and Drew Brattain discuss finances.

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