Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Decks & Doors Project


During the off season, much work is done to maintain our facility. This year the board has begun the "Decks & Doors Project."

First up was enclosing the deck directly behind the stage.  By putting on the roof and walls, it can more efficiently be used for prop storage during a production, freeing space behind the proscenium.  The new stairs will also make it possible for actors and crew members to utilize it as "waiting" space.

The small deck outside the back door of the Rehearsal Center also underwent some renovation.  It now has safety rails.  This small deck is used by the actors and others for "fresh air" breaks during productions and rehearsals.

Most recognizable to audience members is the porch and staircase outside the southeast exit from the Hazel Day Longden Theatre. A new roof over the porch area and new steps were added during the project.  Actors often make entrances from this door, and the roof will keep them dry during rainstorms. Audiences will also be able to enjoy a few minutes of fresh air before the performance or during intermission even during rainstorms.

As we wish the barn a happy 100th birthday in 2018, we look forward to seeing you during our Season of Hits!

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