Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Standing L-R: Jay Prewitt, Anna Harris, David Lorimer, Kathy Helms Arnold, Cameron Wunderlich. Seated L-R: Dustin Boothby, Jack Randall Earles, Cheyenne "Sky" Welch


The unlikely suspects above are featured in the July production as the Putnam County Playhouse Season of Hits continues. One of these characters is a serial killer, another will become a victim.

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The play is directed by TJ Tincher, an actor who has been in many plays at PCPH including last season's The Foreigner. This is his directorial debut here.

Also working on the technical side are Bryan Schroeder as Techical Director and Sound Designer, Noah D. Pettit as Production Stage Manager, Darv√čll Barger as sound operator, and Ohenaba Quarshie as light operator.

Anna Harris as Mollie Ralston.   Photo by Jay Prewitt

The show features Anna Harris and David Lorimer as a young couple (Mollie and Giles Ralston) who open a small hotel about 30 miles outside London.  

Their guests include an eccentric young man, Dustin Boothby (Christopher Wren), a demanding older woman, Kathy Helms Arnold (Mrs. Boyle), a retired Army major Jack Randall Earles (Major Metcalf), and a mysterious young woman Cheyenne "Sky" Welch (Miss Casewell).

Last to arrive are Jay Prewitt (Mr. Paravacini) an unexpected guest and Cameron Wunderlich (Sgt. Trotter) a policeman investigating a London murder.

Nothing is quite what it seems, and when one of the guests is murdered, Sgt. Trotter has his hands full investigating the twists and turns of the evening.  See if you can figure it out before he does!

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