Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Kathryn Dory

Members of the Board of Directors of Putnam County Playhouse joined together for the last time in 2018 at their meeting on December 9, at Almost Home.  

L-R: Santa Claus, Mark Hammer, Michael McClaine

A fine dinner was enjoyed by board members and guests.

L-R: Ann & Jim Rambo

Among those present were Jim & Ann Rambo, Kathryn & Bill Dory [Greencastle's own Mayor], and Ric and Shelly McFadden.

L-R: Santa [Dustin Bond] & Shelly McFadden

The McFaddens took the opportunity to cozy up to the man of the hour.

L-R: Santa Claus & Ric McFadden

Also in attendance were Sandi and Dean Rossok, Drew and Kim Brattain, Jim and Melissa Green, and Brad and Lita Sandy.

L-R: Lita & Brad Sandy

Soon to be retired Sandi Rossok enjoyed socializing with Mayor Dory.

L-R: Sandi Rossok, Bill Dory

...and sharing a table with husband, Dean.

L-R: Dean & Sandi Rossok

Two newly elected board members shared a table with Linda Gjesvold.  Anna Harris, Peggy McClaine, and Linda shared their theatre experiences with each other. [Third newbie, Kim Brattain, was seated nearby. Watch this space for an interview with these three ladies!]

L-R: Peggy McClaine, Linda Gjesvold, Anna Harris

Also joining the fun were Dustin Bond, Meghan and Craig Armitage, Caroline and Tim Good, Mark and Jeanette Hammer, Michael and Brenda McClaine, Bethany Bax, and Jack Randall Earles.

L-R: Abigail, Meghan, Craig Armitage

The official board meeting was convened in the Swizzle Stick after dinner.
L-R: Drew & Kim Brattain, Brenda McClaine
L-R: Jack Randall Earles, Lita Sandy

Cousins Jack Randall Earles and Lita Sandy have always enjoyed spending the holidays together.

L-R: Brenda McClaine & Jeannette Hammer

Caroline & Tim Good
L-R: Ric McFadden, Bethany Bax

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