Monday, June 22, 2015


The Bard

The 2015 SHAKESPEARED! Youth Theatre Festival ended Saturday night with a capacity crowd!

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The evening  included two versions of the comedy, one by middle school students directed by TJ Tincher. and Bethany Bax.  The second version with students high school age and just beyond is directed by YTW creator Caroline Good, assisted by Billy Burke. Eleanor Howard is also assisting with the production.

Both versions are adaptations of the original material that contain modern references, unusual costumes, and familiar music.

SHAKESPEARED! creator Caroline Good in rehearsal.

Participants in leading roles in the middle school group include Craig Robinson (Falstaff), Anna Norris (Alice Ford), Isabella Brown (Margaret Page), Grant Pettit (Pistol), Hope Roberts (Nym), Zoe Weltz (Bardolph), and Michael Thede (Narrator #1, Host).

Others in the large cast include William Roberts (Franics Ford), Brenigan Warren (George Page), Fiona Good (Dr. Caius), Leo Brown (Hugh Evans), Dale Dye Thomas (Mistress Quickly), and Gabby Roberts (Robin).

Middle school group rehearsal.
Also onstage in the middle school production will be Connor Shepherd, Callie Wehrman, Laney Collier, Ella Dye Thomas, Jadin Hill, all of whom play servants.  Ava Magnity and Katie White are also Narrators.

Props director for the show is Noah Pettit, and Zethor Peterson and Grant Pettit are on the stage crew.

Those with leading roles in the older group include Samantha Flannelly (Alice Ford), Chloe Maginity (Margaret Page), Donovan Asbell (Francis Ford), Dylan Bodnarick (George Page), Gwen Mazur (Anne Page), Bowie Foote (Master Fenton), David Maginity (John Falstaff), and Chloe Bodnarick (Pistol).

Older group rehearsing.
Supporting roles will be played by Noah Pettit (Nym), Tyler Hopper (Robin), Jerica Bean (Host), Abe Anglin (Dr. Caius), Libby Brush (Mistress Quickly), Zoe Hagymasi (John Rugby), Michael Germain (Robert Shallow), Addison Hughes (Hugh Evans), Susanna Howard (Abraham Slender), and Haley Wilson Patty Simple).

The ensemble includes Charlie Good, Joan Warren.

Congratulations to the participants AND the audience!

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