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Putnam County Playhouse began in the spring of 1961. At that time a small group of determined people decided to bring live theatre to the community - and Greencastle Summer Theater was born. The next year, we were incorporated and officially became Putnam County Playhouse.

The purpose of PCPH then and now was set down by our founders:

We operate "to provide the people of the county and the surrounding area the opportunity to enjoy and participate in live theatre."

A gazebo on our property honors those original members including the first president of our board of directors, Dr. James Elrod.

The Founders' Gazebo

For the first two decades, PCPH presented shows in various venues around Greencastle. These included DePauw's Speech Hall, McAnally Center, and DePauw's Moore Theatre.  

In 1980, the hard work of a group of determined people headed by Jim Poor were instrumental in getting us the donation of the property where our theatre now stands. The generosity of Hazel Day Longden in giving us the property was key to our continued growth.

For our first two seasons on the property, our productions were given on the outdoor stage. The audience sat on bleachers. 

"The Sound of Music" - 1982

The small barn was used for many years for dressing rooms. It is now mainly used for storage, and the original stage area is now a parking area.

Small Barn.  June, 2015.

The theatre named in honor of Hazel Day Longden was given a grand opening in June, 1983. 

Hazel Day Longden Theatre. June, 2015.

Thanks to our audiences and participants for their continued support.

Since the beginning the PCPH Board of Directors has been all volunteer. Its members serve without compensation of any kind. To all of our past members and officers, we also give a hearty thank you!

2014-2015 Board of Directors

Michael McClaine, President
Jack Randall Earles, 1st Vice-President
Linda Gjesvold, 2nd Vice-President
Kathryn Dory, Secretary
Mark Hammer, Treasurer

Meghan Armitage
Bethany Bax
Dustin Bond
Drew Brattain
Caroline Good
Ric McFadden
Shelly McFadden
Jim Rambo
Sandra Rossok
Brad Sandy
TJ Tincher

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