Wednesday, July 24, 2019


The annual Children's Theatre Workshop is happening NOW!  The final product will be on view this Friday, July 26th, at 7 p.m. at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre! Admission is free.

CTW director Caroline Good says that the first act of the program will include a demonstration of what the participants have been learning. The second act will be the presentation of three original one act plays.

The first play is "Princess Pea & The Watermelon" by Rebecca Hebb, Isabella Green, and Alice Howard. It is directed by Beth Bax and Noelle Brown. The cast includes Jackson Wells, Lydia Wells, Anders Carlson, Katie Isaacs-Bailey, and Aleks Koulak.

Also appearing are Lydia Grove, Daniella Akinwole, Evelyn Ryan-Shager, Bianca Marshall, Maria Hall, Kyeli Jefferson, Charlotte Tomamichel, and Lucy Dunn.

The second play is "Friend of Giants" by Christopher Douglas.  It is being directed by Douglas and Robin Schneider. Appearing in this play are Lara Schneider, Jewelee Butcher, Jasmine Cummings, Luna Pope, David Akinwole, Elyse Ensley, and Parker Helmer.

The cast also includes Tessa Cope, Harvey Cummings, Alexandra Roberts, Addy Koulak, and Sage Cummings.

The third production is "#Little Red" by Hadley McCoy. It is directed by Caroline Good.  This cast includes Ella Tischer, Clara Everett, Grayson Linneweber, Maggie Cooper, and Aiden Brinkman.

Also onstage in this play are Sarah Simmerman, Nadia Wagner, Josie Tischer, Tmothy Bogaerts, Lilly Green, Josie Cox, Joey Draper, and Ella Bailey.

Tech is in the hands of Fiona Good (lights) and Brenigan Warren (Sound). Interns helping with the productions are Craig Robinson, Fiona Good, Devin Huff, Samantha Funk, Isabella Green, Rebecca Hebb, Evie Green, Zoe Cope.

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