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L-R: Levi Hoffman as Shrek & Dustin Bond as Donkey

The show is being sponsored by Hopkins-Rector and Bittles & Hurt Funeral Homes.

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To read more about our sponsor click HERE

Director for the Tony-Award-winning show is Lee Reberger. He directed Beauty & The Beast last season at PCPH and is active at Community Theatre of Clay County.

Musical director is Kathi Elliott and pit conductor and rehearsal pianist is Marilyn Rush. Joining them in the pit are Kathryn Dory on clarinet and Mike McClaine on percussion. Choreography is by Reberger, Clarissa & Ellissa McCullough, and Chloe Gardner.

L-R: Ellissa McCullough (Fiona), Dustin Bond (Donkey) and Levi Hoffman (Shrek).

Levi Hoffman is making his PCPH debut in the title role of Shrek, the green forest monster looking for a purpose in life. Levi is a graduate of DePauw University.

Making the trek with him is his friend Donkey, played by Dustin Bond. Striking our leading man’s fancy is the lovely Fiona, played by Ellissa McCullough. Unfortunately the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad played by Cameron Callan also has designs on the young lady.  

Dustin is a vice-president of the PCPH board and was seen in She Loves Me earlier this season.  Ellissa was seen last season in Beauty & The Beast. She is a vocal performance major at ISU. Cameron appeared as LaFou in Beauty & The Beast last season. He is a music teacher at White Lick Elementary School.

L-R: Cameron Wunderlich, Ellissa McCullough, Cameron Callan, Noah D. Pettit

Shrek’s hapless parents are played by Shelly McFadden and Ric McFadden. Joey Draper and Kendall Shipp are the young versions of Shrek and Fiona and Ogre Fiona is Clarissa McCullough. Teen Fiona is Hadley McCoy.

Featured fairy tale characters include Pinocchio (Aengus McCullough), the White Rabbit (Logan Dotson), Peter Pan (Gwenhwyfar McCullough), Ugly Duckling (Sadie Henry), Sugar Plum Fairy (Adrianna Adams), the Bear Family (Addison Hughes, Jessie Draper, Jocelyn Gardner) and The Fairy Godmother (Arianna Pershing).  

Also appearing are the 3 Little Pigs (Anna Cox, Samantha Funk, and Kindall Turner) and the Three Blind Mice (Sammie McCoy, Ally Taylor, and Ellie Henry), and the Witch (Ellen McCullough).

L-R: Levi Hoffman (Shrek) Ellissa McCullough (Fiona) Ric McFadden , Cameron Wunderlich, Cameron Callan (Farquaad), Devin Huff.
Dwelling in the forest we also find Gingy (Hannah Newlin), Thelonius (Jason Lafever), the Pied Piper (Hannah Lafever), the Dragon (Lisa McCoy) and Grumpy, a Dwarf (Mikey Henry).

Featured are Devin Huff and Chloe Gardner. Many cast members play and sing multiple roles.

Set design is by Linda Gjesvold. Lighting design is by Bond and sound design by Bond and Craig Armitage.

L-R: Levi Hoffman (Shrek) & Dustin Bond (Donkey.
Cameron Wunderlich is production stage manager and Noah Pettit is assistant stage manager. Mollie Henry is on the run crew.  Grace Elmore is running the sound board and Kamryn Thornburg is running the light board.  Anna Harris is props master and Sam Draper is the spotlight operator.


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