Monday, July 20, 2015


Director Dustin Bond has chosen his cast for the PCPH September production of the mystery-comedy The Game's Afoot.

William Gillette, the actor whose stage performances as Sherlock Holmes made him famous, will be played by Jack Randall Earles. His mother Martha will be played by Vickie Parker.

A bickering married couple of performers, Madge and Felix, will be played by Tim Good and Caroline Good.

A younger couple, Aggie and Simon, will be played by T.J. Tincher and Anna Harris.

The cast is completed by Karen Temple as Daria Chase, a columnist with many enemies; and Madison King as a local police inspector caught up in the case....a case of murder....or is it?

The Game's Afoot will be produced September 10-12 and September 16-19,

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The season continues in August with Into the Woods.

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