Wednesday, July 22, 2015



The Children’s Theatre Workshop is happening this week at Putnam County Playhouse.  More than 30 participants are working on two original comedy plays about famous fairy tale characters.  Director of the program is Caroline Good.  Additional teachers for the workshop are Gigi Fenlon and T.J. Tincher. Assistant directors are Bethany Bax and Eleanor Howard, who are also working on costumes for the productions.

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Two stories containing familiar fairy tale characters will be presented. One is titled “The Second Act” by Susanna Howard, who is also co-directing the play with Tincher. It explores what happens to the characters after “happily ever after.” The cast for this part of the program includes Marleah Muncie, Bella Green, Rebecca Hebb, Dunkin York, Harris Weltz, Chloe Gardner, Isaac Hertenstein, Noah Barnes, and Allie Purdue.  

Also appearing are Mary Norris, Sydney Campbell, Bryce Hall, Ashley Stockall, Jenna Wehrman, Alice Howard, and Ashlyn Hall. The cast portrays such characters as the Mad Hatter, Snow White, and the Evil Queen.

The other production is “Into the Forest” directed by Good and Fenlon. It is a mash-up of what happens when fairy tale characters from many stories meet each other in the woods.  This cast includes Savannah McCoy, Hadley McCoy, Maddie McCoy, Jocelyn Gardner, Paxton O’Brien, Avery Capps, and Evie Green. 

Additional characters are played by Kyle Brentlinger, Karma Evens, Olivia Stierwalt, Maggie O’Dell Cooper, Clare Langdoe, Quinn Asbell, Orion Browser, Maisy Isaacs-Bailey, Kaitlin Welker, Sydney Shrewsbury, Ashlyn Hall, and Ian Berger. Characters in this portion of the evening include Belle, The Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Prince Charming.

Both plays take place on the set of the upcoming PCPH production of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods which opens August 6.

Interns working with the group are Abe Anglin, Chloe McGinity, Dylan Bodnarick, Libby Brush, Samantha Flannelly, and Bowie Foote.  Lauren Good is running the light board, and Cecily Girton is working the sound board.

The mission of the Children’s Theatre Workshop is to bring to young people the love of theatre, providing them a venue to explore their creativity, and allowing them to collaborate and express themselves on stage.     

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